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Pastor Miriam grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in the deep south.  As Christ became alive, she began to see the sacred in the profane.  With a bachelor's degree in Christian Education, Philosophy and Religion, she later received a Masters of Divinity from Princeton Seminary.  Readily, she confesses: I was never trained for ministry like this!  Serving multiple churches in PA, KS, TX, she and her husband moved to Kalispell, MT in 2011. Finally, "We are home." 

Her husband teaches at Flathead High School and she serves both Serious JuJu and First Presbyterian as a Community Pastor.  Miriam believes in creating a just and gracious community where young people can be , healed, restored,  and celebrated.  

"I am not a skater.  I never paid that much attention to skaters before.  Every place just says: 'No Skaters' like they are something dangerous.  I have found them to be incredible athelethes. Yes, often their lives are riddled with pain but their perseverance is stunning.  Christ gives us all hope.  Hope does not disappoint."  


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