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Consider making a gift for all those who cannot give this Christmas season.

  Skaters need JuJu.  Give Today.  Join the Story.

Currently, all Skates are SUSPENDED.  


                               4:30pm   Reserved Sm. Group Skate


                9:00am   Psalms & Prayer (Conrad Gazebo)

                  4:00pm   Reserved Sm. Group Skate

                  6:00pm   Reserved Sm. Group Skate

                  8:00pm   Reserved Sm. Group Skate


                2:00pm   Reserved Sm. Group Skate

                  4:00pm   Reserved Sm. Group Skate


                  4:00pm  OPEN Skate 

                              (up to 6 - reserve by Wed 6pm)

                  6:00pm    Reserved Sm. Group Skate

                  8:00pm    Reserved Sm. Group Skate


                  12:00pm  Reserved Sm. Group Skate

                    2:00pm  Reserved Sm. Group Skate 


The Board is reviewing local covid conditions to reopen when our community is safer.  

During reopen, to schedule another skate day/time, contact Pastor Miriam -jujukalispell@gmail.com or 406.212.0999.

For Birthday Skates:    

Small Groups of 7 Guests. Request 1-week in advance. 


Serious JuJu is Free  

EVERY person MUST sign our Waiver upon entrance  

For youth under 18, a parent or legal guardian MUST be PRESENT to sign waiver before staying and taking part in JuJu.  Waivers are updated every year.  


"Rethinking Evangelism Conference"

-Montreat Conference Center, NC

A Podcast Interview with Pastor Miriam 

Interview with Pastor Miriam
00:00 / 16:21

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 705

Kalispell, Montana 59903


707 West Center Street

Kalispell, Montana 59901

Pastor Miriam



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