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P.O. Box 705

Kalispell, Montana 59903


707 West Center Street

Kalispell, Montana 59901

Pastor Miriam


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"Skateboarding is about overcoming your fears."

Judah Gillis, Skate Coach

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2019 Fall Newsletter 

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Open Hours

Mondays   3:30-5:30pm    High School Skate


Tuesdays    4:00-6:00pm    After-School Skate

                                               (Oct-May @ warehouse,                                                    June-Sept @ Skatepark)

                                               Scooters Welcome

                    6:00-8:00pm    Adult Skate: 18yrs+


Friday        5:00-9:00pm    Open Skate - All Year

                              6:00pm     Dinner

                              7:00pm     Word

2nd & 4th Saturday    

                    2:00-4:00pm    Beginner Skate


                                                Scooters Welcome

Serious JuJu is Free  

EVERY person MUST sign our Waiver upon entrance  

For youth under 18, a parent or legal guardian MUST be PRESENT to sign waiver before staying and taking part in JuJu.  Waivers are updated every year.