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Pastor Miriam


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Ministry Hours

Tuesdays    am                   Food Bag Preparation

                           2:00-4:00pm     Donation Drop Off

                                               Read More about Items Needed/Not Needed

                  5:00-6:00pm    Pop-In Skater Zoom Grp

                                               (Link posted Day of on                                                        Facebook & Instagram)


Wednesdays 8:00-8:45am Morning Bible Study Grp

                                               (Link posted Day of on                                                        Facebook & Instagram)

Friday        5:00-6:00pm    Weekend Food Bags

                                                Distributed Outside at 


Saturday Grocery Delivery    

                    Kids/Parents must request a grocery list to                       Pastor Miriam by Friday 6pm that Week via                     Facebook, Instagram, Email or Text 


Serious JuJu is Free  


When warehouse reopens...

EVERY person MUST sign our Waiver upon entrance  

For youth under 18, a parent or legal guardian MUST be PRESENT to sign waiver before staying and taking part in JuJu.  Waivers are updated every year.