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Our Impact

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   nnovative programs can cultivate a stronger, healthier future for our youth.  Our community lacks high-quality development opportunities for young people, especially those from low-income families.  Skateboarding fosters invaluable life skills and character traits, including awareness, respect, resilience, innovation, self-esteem, responsibility, and kindness. The transformative power of Serious JuJu lies in its key benefits.


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The lack of low-income development opportunities for kids (more than 4,700 children and young adults in the Flathead Valley are struggling to survive in poverty), deficient family support, absence of free athletic programs, and insufficient safe spaces where children can be seen, heard, and fed.




For the past 17 years, Serious JuJu has served over 10,000 youths and their families in the community. Their recent program expansions now include 5-8 weekly skate sessions, coaching, and meal distribution, with an average attendance of 12-30 individuals per session. Serious JuJu has also created 12 annual partnership opportunities with local non-profit youth organizations to further their community impact. This increased community presence has led to additional sessions, volunteers, participants, and funding. Serious JuJu provides safety equipment and materials to participants, offers bi-annual skate camps, and participates in Logan Health's community safety initiatives.



An evaluation of participating families and skate sessions revealed that:

• 98% of parents felt the skate session created a positive impact on their children;

• 95% of participant developed a greater foundation of respect, perseverance, resilience, self-esteem, responsibility, and kindness.

• 75% of participating youths reported that the free meals they received at each skate session where the only nutritious foods they had consumed on a given day.

• 3827 development opportunities received by youths and family members

• 453 volunteer opportunities were served

• 4000+ meals were provided to the community

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"Serious JuJu has made me a good person by everyone helping others. 

 Serious JuJu has taught me so much things to be respectful and kind. 

 Skateboarding has taught me not to give up when you fall.” – Ezekiel, 9 years old

"                                                                            "I am most grateful for the generosity of the people at JuJu

                                                                               not only do they provide a safe and welcoming environment

                                                                               for skates of all levels, but they also go above and beyond

                                                                               to support the community.”- Evan, 13 years old


                  "Serious JuJu means a lot to me and my commitment to attending has become very 

                   important.  It teaches me how to skateboard, it makes me stronger and more healthy-                                 mentally and physically I have also improved on being more polite, patient, following

                   rules and kinder to one another." – Lincoln, 8 years old


"Randy and all other staff and volunteers are very helpful and understanding with people in the skate 

 park.  You also don’t have to worry about being picked on or bullied because Serious JuJu has a no

 bullying rule.  Serious JuJu and skating are a great way to express yourself and get to know more

 people.  Serious JuJu allows kids to exercise while having fun and having a sense of accomplishment. 

 Serious JuJu has changed my life…"- Sapphire, 13 years old


"This program is not like any other program, when you are having troubles there will be someone there to help.”

                                                                                                           - Ayden, 13 years old

Skaters need JuJu.  Give Today.  Join the Story.

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