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Board of Directors
and Executive Team


Cristie Keppeler
Board Chairman

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Cristie Keppeler is a mom of five, each who ride every board imaginable, a former technology sales executive, and Rotarian.
Cristie graduated from Southern Illinois University and received her Masters in Speech Pathology from Saint Louis University. She was drawn to Serious JuJu because of the skaters and believes they are the self motivated and 

compete with themselves. FUN FACT: At the finish line of the New York marathon while watching for her husband John, Cristie sat down at the NYC mayor’s booth to wait.

Annalise Wilson
Board Member


Annalise (Anna) Wilson is a 5th generation Montanan.  She is happily married, and has two awesome kiddos.  She's a registered nurse at Logan Health who runs the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program.  She got involved with Serious JuJu when her son Jake developed a passion for skateboarding.  She knew from that moment she walked in the door at Serious JuJu indoor 

skatepark that this atmosphere was something that she wanted her and her family to be a part of.  FUN FACT: She has done two tandem skydives, one in Montana and one in Mexico!

Kevin Copelin 
Board Member


Kevin Copelin along with his wife Amber are the parents of 6 children and grandparents of 4 more. Kevin became involved in Serious JuJu when he would bring his youngest son who is passionate about anything with wheels. Seeing the amazing service JuJu provides our community, Kevin sought additional ways to be a part and joined the Board of Directors.  Kevin is retired

from the United States Air Force and his family decided to settle in the Flathead valley in 2022.  Kevin is currently the Western Montana Program Manager for Volunteers of America Supportive Services for Veterans and Families.  FUN FACT: Kevin has travelled to all 50 United States and 21 foreign countries.

John Keppeler
Board Treasurer


John Keppeler along with his wife Cristie are the proud parents of 5 adult children. John has always had a passion for helping others especially kids which is what drew him to Serious JuJu.  Professionally, Mr. Keppeler has been Chief Revenue Officer at Olaplex since May 2023 after serving as interim CRO since February 2023. Prior to joining Olaplex, Mr. Keppeler served as head of US and global sales at several consumer 

products companies across multiple categories. Mr. Keppeler earned a BS degree in Economics for the University of Wisconsin, Madison. 
FUN FACT:  Mr Keppeler is a former marathon runner who completed the NYC marathon held 6 weeks after 9/11.

Richie Withycombe
Board Member


Richie is an outdoor enthusiast and when he’s not working at FLBC you can find him spending time in the outdoor with his family hiking boating and skiing. Richie has a degree in Recreation from the Univ. of Idaho & has worked in the field for over 15 years, primarily in youth programing. He has a wife and 2 kids and is excited to be a part of the Flathead Valley community.

Richie's passion for the outdoors, coupled with his dedication to youth development, makes him a valuable addition to the Serious Juju board of directors. His leadership and community spirit make a significant impact in the Flathead Valley.  FUN FACT: Richie once skied/snowboarded 134 days in one season!

Kath Lynch-Dombroski
Board Member


Kath Lynch-Dombroski is from Colorado and is a skate-boarder and roller-skater of 5 years. She graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2022 with a degree in Environmental Studies. Kath has been serving an Americorps term since January with Big Sky Watershed Corps where she works on education and outreach programs promoting the protection of local water quality.  She is excited to be part of

Serious JuJu as a skater, volunteer skate coach & board member since stepping foot through their doors her second week living in Montana. FUN FACT: Kath enjoys playing pop songs on the violin!


Rebecca Wilson 
Executive Director


Rebecca has been a resident of MT for 30+ years.  She has an expansive background, serving in the non-profit and for-profit sectors.  She travels extensively and is a proud mother and grandmother.   Fun fact: Rebecca is learning Spanish to further serve our growing & diverse community.

“Empowering people to change the world starts within.  Skateboarding is about more than just style and freedom; it’s about creating a healthy future for our community.” 

Randy Beckstrom 
Skatepark Operations Manager & Skate Coach


Randy is a proud Montana native, born in Missoula and raised in Gallatin and Flathead County.  Randy is a Flathead High School graduate and is proud to share is alma mater with his daughter.  Randy has been an avid skater for over 20 years, and is thrilled to continue empowering youth through his passion for 

skateboarding.  FUN FACT:  Randy started serving with Serious JuJu over 16 years ago and plans to continue strengthening the next generation for many years to come.


Serious JuJu is seeking new members for its Board of Directors. The Serious JuJu Board of Directors provides oversight and counsel on planning and policy development, financial oversight, and resource development, as well as associated member services.


Joining a nonprofit board board of directors maximizes your impact and supports a cause whose mission aligns with your beliefs.


Becoming a nonprofit board member will offer many opportunities for leadership development as you work with other professionals to guide the organization strategically.


Build your connections while serving your community can open doors for future endeavors.  Meet new people, including other nonprofit  members, community partners, and leaders.

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