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In one month, a kid can go from being a stranger to calling JuJu their "home." Become a large donor by supplying 1-month's rent to Serious JuJu.  In one month, young kids pick up a skateboard to exercise for the first time, adults check-in and care for each child at no cost, during group time, we break for snack, meals to nourish the body and mind -welcoming over 200 guests a week!  Regulars, count on a safe, warm, dry place to skate - a sanctuary from life's storms.  In one month, leadership walks with kids through crisis and celebrates triumphs with families.  

DONATE 1 Month Rent

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  • A Thank You Letter will follow your generous donation along with an annual statement so you may duduct your donation from taxes.  We are grateful for generous sustainers like you!

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